Mexican, 2012, on the go eats

Before the movie, Jon Alan and I stopped by a Mexican restaurant for lunch!

Jon Alan tried to hog all the chips & salsa but eventually put them back in my reach

We of course got the cheese dip to go with the chips. I’m not a huge fan of theirs though.  It was quite thin and I like mine a little thicker.

Jon Alan got a margarita which he decided to give bunny ears to spice up the picture a little.

Special lunch #3 🙂 beef burrito, beef taco and rice.  Finished most of it.

Then we went and saw 2012.  For a movie that was over 2 hours long, it didn’t feel that long for me.  It kept my interest the whole time and had me laughing (and crying. and crying. and crying.) I think I liked it more than Jon Alan did, which is usually how it works out. I’m not even exaggerating with the crying part. I cry over the littlest things.  It’s kind of pathetic actually!

By the time we got back in town (the movies are 30 minutes away), it pretty much time for me to leave for class.  Stopped at Royal Farms on the way to pick up some food (since it was 4:45 by this time)

  • Carrot & celery with a lite ranch dip
  • Cheese stick (which tasted kind of off but doesn’t expire until Christmas so, of course, I ate it)
  • A mrs. fields amazing delicious white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie sent straight from heaven

Accounting class had me a little confused tonight.  Mainly because I couldn’t figure out what page the problem we were working on was located on until halfway through the question!  Had a little bit of a tired/blonde moment.

After class I went to Jon Alan’s for a little while.  Looked into college possibilities when it comes to transfer time and figured out more of what classes I need to take during the spring.   Ate about 10 of his salt and vinegar Pringles.  I never used to like this flavor but they tasted really good!


Time for me to go to sleep or else my dad’s going to have to carry me on our run tomorrow.  (which would be great exercise for him, not so great for me.)

Good night!


2 responses to “Mexican, 2012, on the go eats

  1. Hey Sammi, I’m glad to hear your review of 2012. A friend wanted me to see it and I declined because I thought it looked too fake (all computer graphics & a little over the top). But if you liked it that much, it must be good!

    Speaking of good, I want to go eat out for some Mexican food! That looks FANTASTIC!

  2. oh,I agree..Mexican food does look good…or is it that margarita?

    I hadn’t even heard about 2012…and I’m a big cry-er too.

    it’s a girl thing…that’s what I say!


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