1 1/2 days

I didn’t find a good time to post yesterday so here ya go:

Breakfast yesterday was leftover cinnamon pancakes topped with peanut butter & banana (& strawberries)
111609 002
They started out looking like this
111609 003
They all pretty much looked like this once I found out how delicious they are with banana
111609 006
I ended up running out of banana by the time I finished and didn’t want to grab another one so the last few bites looked more like this
111609 010

Went to CVS sometime after breakfast and loaded up on much needed shower supplies (and a bottle of nail polish of course!)
111609 026
(sorry, couldn’t get a very good picture of that one.)
111609 027
On Sale! Hydralicious Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner. Smells so good!  I’m still looking for a brand that I really like (and can tame my wild beast of hair) while smelling good at the same time.
111609 029
Also On Sale! Tone body wash.  Mango splash scented. I got the blueberry scented one last time. They both smell delicious! (I wouldn’t advise eating/drinking/licking it though)
I’m a CVS addict.  Ever since I spent $90 there in one trip, I’ve been trying to keep myself away from that money magnet.

While waiting for the YMCA to open, I did a couple of the ab workout videos I have recently found myself addicted to
Absolutely Amazing Abs Video
10 minute abs video

Then off to the gym
Had to keep it short though because the Y didn’t open until 1pm and I had work at 3.  Nice little sweat session though!

Once I got back home, I tried out my new shower supplies & then had some lunch
111609 012
Plain ol’ tomato soup
111609 011
Frozen veggies
111609 013
Straight up yumminess
111609 014
& what is tomato soup without…
111609 015
grilled cheese! Nom nom nom
(hey, at least I changed it up a little today by adding veggies lol)

111609 017
I even remembered to take my vitamin yesterday! (I wait until after lunch to take it because they often make me sick if I don’t eat enough.  I used to take it after breakfast but I got sick so much afterwards that I had to change the routine.)
Does anyone else have a really hard time not getting sick from vitamins? Any advice?

I got to work and one of the am servers paid me $5 to finish making butters! yay for an easy $5. Once I got finished though I had a couple hours of basically just standing around until I got my first table. Yesterday was not a very busy day so I was thankful for those 5 bucks lol.
Bad news: when I get bored at work, I get hungry
Ordered spinach artichoke dip.  Let’s pretend that the fact it has veggies in it makes it healthy. Made sure to eat all the fruit first (should have ordered JUST the fruit… oh well.) I shared with my friend Katie though & there was still quite a bit left when I threw it out.

Went to Jon Alan’s once I got off work (which explains why I didn’t post last night)
Then straight to sleep once I got home.

&&&&& for today:

Wake up: 7:20 am
Distance: 5.14 miles
Time: 51.36 minutes

My dad’s toe was hurting today (and my legs weren’t too happy either) so we took it a little slower than usual. Funny part: I was wearing a tank top and still burning up and my dad was wearing a long sleeved shirt.
Before we left, I got a water bottle together to put at the end of the driveway for when we got back.  Then I left the water bottle in the kitchen. Fail.

Had breakfast as soon as we got through the door.
Vanilla activia with fiber one honey clusters cereal, flax plus pumpkin granola, kiwis from our vines and a banana (I had one half of the banana and he had the other)
111609 019

111609 020
Here’s the proof that there was in fact yogurt under all the toppings
111609 023
Is it weird that pretty much the only time I put ice in my water is when I get back from a run?

Saturday was the start of deer season (for shotguns) so my dad’s off to the woods for today.

Plans for me:

  • Jon Alan asked if I would like to go to the movies today (uh duh. is my answer ever no?)
  • Need to do some more ab exercises (something that doesn’t involve legs please)
  • & then accounting class tonight at 5:30 (this is actually my favorite class.  Last week there was only like 8 students that showed up. I think a lot of the students dropped out.)

3 responses to “1 1/2 days

  1. Those cinnamon pancakes with peanut butter and banana look tasey! I can’t believe you eat so much. You are such a tiny thing!

  2. I mean tasty!

  3. I can’t handle vitamins or any kind of pills…and so I strive to make my vitamins come from my food. even my skin care stuff…

    all of it.

    I had sensitivites to the “time release” binders in the vitamins…make me SICK.

    pre natals were the last thing I took…and I did okay on those but it was for a good cause!


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