$18 wine & jumping deer

I did a new ab video today
Absolutely Amazing Abs
It gave my six pack abdominal area a good burn while giving my arms a rest.
As for an update on my sore muscles: no change yet.

Work tonight wasn’t horrible considering I only had three tables.  We just switched over to a new wine list so we keep having a wine special where customers can buy one of the bottles that we aren’t selling anymore for only $18.  To spice things up a little, the manager working tonight decided to hold a little contest between servers! Normally, I’m not very competitive but for some reason, this completely changes when it comes to work contests.  The contest rules were as follows: The waitress that sold the most bottles of wine tonight would win either one of the $18 bottles or $18 cash.  However, there was a 2 bottle minimum. Meaning if only one person sold a bottle and it was only one bottle, then no one would win. 
Guess what! I WON!

I managed to sell 2 bottles to my second table (putting me ahead of everyone else) and then I sold another bottle to my last table! The first table I had was only one person so I didn’t try to sell the bottles like I did with the other tables.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to choose the wine since I’m way underage. $18 is always nice though!

Half way through the night, the tide came in.
111409 024
I thought I had parked my car high enough up where it wouldn’t be a problem but I was wrong so I had to go out and move my car.  It was already so bad that I climbed into my car through the hatchback to get up to the front seat so I wouldn’t have to walk through the water. (thank you Apollo for not having a regular trunk. Yes, my car is named Apollo, as in the space ship. Because my car reminds me of a space ship lol)

On my way home, I saw a deer in the front yard of a house down near the brick road.  Then closer to the neighborhood,  another deer ran out in front of my car (it was far enough away still that it didn’t scare the crap out of me).  What really surprised me though was seeing two deer between the ditch and fence of the neighbor right across the street from me.  One of them jumped the fence right away to get farther away from me but the other one didn’t seem to know what to do.  I sat there watching it for a while and it just kept looking at me and then walking around and looking at the fence.  Eventually, it crawled under the fence which was pretty interesting to watch.
The one that jumped looked just like this:

With these exceptions,

  • It was dark
  • The deer I saw was female meaning no antlers
  • The fence was white and plastic
  • The deer was a lot smaller than the one in the photo
  • She was jumping from grass to grass

But other than that, totally the same…

My lunch today was a burrito with salsa (which I decided wasn’t my favorite combination so I didn’t really eat much of the salsa)
111409 023

At work one of the other waitresses gave me some of the fruit from her meal that she didn’t like!
I also ordered food for myself:
A 57 chevy burger which had 57 sauce, cheese, an onion ring, & lettuce. With a side of veggies.
I have no idea why that picture came out looking like that. I didn’t want to get in  trouble for having my phone out though so I didn’t take another one.

I’m super tired so I’m going to go catch up on my google reader and then fall asleep.
Good night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Is there a particular species of wild animal that you see often?


4 responses to “$18 wine & jumping deer

  1. in our neck of the woods the wild life comes in sleeper jammies with fire trucks.
    seriously dangerous lil buggars.

    I am sleepy too. wore myself out again!
    sounds like you made it to work with out needing a life raft Huh?
    sleep well!

  2. Cute deer! They are such cute little animals to bad I have about 6 of them hanging on my wall at home haha.

    Where do you work?

  3. dude. i want to come over there and run! =D

    i will take a picture and put it up tonight!

    yay for hurting asses…..HHAH today i saw two deer eating grass next to the road! CRAZY! =D

    dude, after our gchat session my mom was like are you okay? you are like howling with laughter!
    hahha well i paid for it with extreme fatigue (re: workout with a cold)

  4. yeah, we see deer all the time here.

    what a fun contest! I like random games like that 🙂

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