Rain day = no work day

Just got a call from one of my managers saying that the restaurant is still flooded so I don’t have to come into work tonight. Mixed feelings about this. No work means no money. No work also means NO WORK! though 🙂 lol. There’s no way to have the restaurant open though with the flooding because they probably closed off that part of the road because it gets so bad there.  I really want to take a picture for you all but I’d be too scared to drive over there. I could walk but you all know my feelings about walking/running by myself and there isn’t anyone here to go with me right now.

This morning I learned to keep my camera on me at all times.  I saw a deer running through my yard! It’s really not that surprising since my neighborhood is surrounded by fields and woods but it was still really exciting! It was a buck and from what I could see (I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contacts) it was a spike. I see deer all the time when driving home at night.  Normally I stop when I see them because I get scared of them running in front of me (and also so I can watch them until they run away, of course)  Lately everytime I see them I think about taking a picture but I don’t want to startle them with the flash and that would be the only way I could get them in the picture.
With all the construction going around over here, I feel really bad for all the animals living in the woods.  Thankfully they’re only building a park rather than building a ton of houses (like they were once talking about doing) but they’re still cutting down some of the trees and probably scaring the crap out of the animals over there.

111309 004

& cereal
111309 005

111309 006

I was going to have eggnog but it was already open so I decided to have pineapple, orange, banana juice instead.  It’s possible that Jon Alan opened the eggnog but I didn’t see him drinking it so I doubt that’s what happened. Hmph.

111309 008

When I went to let Lexi inside I saw that there was a tree on the ground.  Not exactly normal. So of course I went outside to take pictures.  The christmas tree is in ours but the broken tree is in the neighbors yard.

111309 009

111309 010

While I was walking down the driveway I heard Lexi drop a tennis ball behind me! I’ve mentioned before that she’s had some problems with her jaw for about a year now.  She broke it by running into something while playing catch and hasn’t been the same since.  I threw the ball for her a little bit but the ground is soaked so her running around was tearing up the grass.

111309 012

I even got her to carry the newspaper! She kept dropping it and I would have to hand it to her again but it’s an improvement!

111309 013

Jon Alan may be getting off work early today.

I’m going to do some more of the workout videos today  and possibly go see if the ymca is open and do some running if it is.

What’s on the schedule for you all this weekend? Anything fun?

You all have a great Friday!


One response to “Rain day = no work day

  1. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog – and I’m excited I found yours!! Yes, I live in VA – Arlington! I love finding new VA runners!

    I love winter, too – and fireplaces! Happy running!

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