Feel the rain on your skin

Or not… it’s not like I’m actually typing this outside or anything lol.
Jon Alan had today off work to go into court (ticket for a loud exhaust? really?) the thing is, the cop couldn’t make it today because he was working an accident due to all the rain. He got there just to find out he had a new court date.  The roads in town are horrible and it took him forever to get back from the courthouse since he had to find a way that didn’t involve making his car swim.

He cut his finger from having to move a tree out of the way.  (those are my legs, not his. He doesn’t wear jeans that tight thankfully lol)
111209 030

A trip to the grocery store was necessary.  Remember that brick road I go on for my runs?
111209 029
We knew that it was going to be flooded but we drove down there so I could take a picture 🙂

I had a major blonde moment after we left the grocery store. He drove over to domino’s and I thought he was just getting hot sauce for the frozen pizza he bought at farm fresh.  When he got back to the car he asked if I wanted to go into the thrift store next door.  I didn’t realize it was just to waste some time while we waited for our food.  We got back to the car after the thrift store and we were just sitting in his car not moving and I asked him why we weren’t leaving.  That’s when he informed me his pizza wasn’t ready yet. What? lol.
111209 034
I swear we don’t usually eat domino’s this much. I just realized he didn’t put black olives on his pizza today… weird. Maybe he only gets them when I’m paying 😯 lol.
111209 031
He got me food too!
111209 032
I love their pasta breadbowls! This one (chicken alfredo) was pretty good. The mac and cheese is my favorite but I love trying out new ones 🙂

111209 035
Lexi finally went outside. This picture doesn’t show it very well but she was soaked when she came in.  That meant she got towel dried though which is probably her favorite thing in the world to do!

I fell asleep while catching up on some blogs that I read.  & was super hungry when I woke up.
Decided to eat something that I don’t eat very often.
111209 038
(UFO) apple with peanut butter
111209 040
Sorry the skin doesn’t look great in that first picture. It’s an apple from our mini orchard and they get pretty bad spots sometimes.
I ate most of it.  (all of the peanut butter though!)

Still hungry but I’m trying to at least wait until dinner time… which actually, it kind of is!

111209 045
This is Lexi thinking “wtf. you expect me to go out there?”
111209 047
So instead she sat under the counter. (yes, those are my pj pants. It’s a lazy day.)
But then she decided to start bugging me again to feed her. which wasn’t going to happen yet since this picture was taking around 4:30 and her dinner time isn’t until 6.
111209 049
She finally gave up on begging for food and is now laying down in the middle of the kitchen.

While Jon Alan was at court, I did part of Incredible Abs.  He picked me up before I could finish though so I’m going to need to do the rest of it sometime tonight right now.

I hope you all aren’t having to deal with the weather that we’re getting over here! & if you are, DRIVE SAFELY!


One response to “Feel the rain on your skin

  1. i love dogs 🙂 they’re so smart!

    those bread bowls look insane.

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