Day of shopping + swimming in the front yard?

Yesterday was a very busy day.

Before I went to sleep I did eat a scoop of breyer’s vanilla ice cream with a little piece of Jessie’s birthday cake that she left here
111209 002

Woke up at 6 am and found Lexi waiting for me!
111209 004
My dad hadn’t been downstairs yet so I fed her and got started on my own breakfast.
I had leftover pizza that I didn’t take a picture of since it was boring.
Then I made a green monster to take with me
111209 005
A handful of flax seeds
Around 4 cups of spinach
Possibly 2 cups of frozen strawberries
Eyeballed a cup or 2 of vanilla soymilk

I’m very bad at guessing measurements so this might be way off… oh well. It was tasty.
I brought some for my mom as well since she had never tried one before!

My dad cut up a couple kiwi when he came downstairs
111209 006
Yum yum!

Had to stop for gas on my way to meeting my mom and sisters. (Jordan ended up meeting us there too so I didn’t have to pick her up)
They were all late! Grrrr…. lol

Then we left for the 3 hour rainy drive to Tyson’s Square.
111209 007

111209 008
Jessie and Jordan slept.
111209 010
I showed off my no hands driving technique. (aka-taking my hands off the wheel while my mom takes the picture and I look back and forth to make sure I’m not drifting into another lane. — I did this while I wasn’t around any other cars though, of course)
111209 011
& my mom took pictures of herself.  She would take one, hate it and then ask how to delete it.

This mall is amazing if anyone is ever in the area. So many stores that I’ve never heard of before.  They have a really cool store named Lush that I’ve only ever seen once before I don’t remember where it was that I saw it but I remember the first time I had to wait outside while Jessie looked around because the smell was getting to me.  I ended up getting a present for Jon Alan’s mom and one for the lady that Jon Alan lives with from there. Apparently they give you free samples there though when you buy stuff! I’ll write about the one that I got when I use it.

I believe it was in Charlotte Russe that I pointed out some earrings to Jordan that I like.  Can’t wait until Christmas! (hopefully I’ll forget about them sometime between then and now)

While shopping in H&M Jessie pointed out a scarf and hat that she really liked so I got her that. I tell you all not to tell her… but
1. Most of you don’t know her
2. They all waited while I bought it, meaning she already knows that’s what I got her.

For lunch we went to T.G.I. Friday’s
111209 012
I forced my eyes away from the burgers and got the Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich (minus the tomato and bacon) with a side of sweet potato fries!
The sandwich was very good and the fries were even better.  In the future I would get the honey mustard on the side though.  It was good at the beginning but then I got a little tired of it.

111209 014
She doesn’t always look like a little kid. Just most of the time.  The fact she got chicken tenders doesn’t make her look any older lol.  (she is 23 though) She also got the sweet potato fries.

111209 016
Jessie got the mac & cheese (minus the bacon and chicken since she’s a vegetarian) this place is horrible when it comes to meatless entrees.  The only option she really had was to get something and subtract the meats. To keep in with the trend, Jessie got a side of sweet potato fries as well. She laughed at me because her fries looked better than mine so I took one 🙂

111209 017
We waited until noon to go get lunch because my mom wanted to drink and she didn’t want to be drinking before noon lol. She got the chicken caesar salad. & a glass of barefoot merlot.
111209 018
I don’t think she saw these pictures so I’m sure she’ll be commenting if she doesn’t like them lol.

We did a little more shopping before stopping at Cinnabon!
111209 021

111209 020
I ate about half at the mall and then the other half when I got home 🙂

I also got new headphones!  Mine were only working through one speaker so I was in need of some new ones.  They were on sale too!

111209 022
they slept again (I think jessie woke up before my mom took a picture of her.)
While my mom and I had a singing party with Down by Jay Sean

I cannot hear this song without singing along (& dancing with my head until I get a headache!)

111209 024
That’s my rapping look.
111209 025
My mom’s “oh my god, my daughter is losing her mind” look.
111209 026
& Jordan’s “I’m cute!” look.

Had to stop for gas again when I got home. I apparently put premium in my car yesterday morning. They were all out of premium when I went there last night though and I got really confused because I thought that pump was regular. Oops.  The price was the same though… so I really don’t know. Whatever.

I got a text message from my school this morning at 6 telling me that school is closed today.
I’m on the phone with my mom right now. She was driving to work this morning and the flooding was horrible.  She tried driving to work today and almost drove right into a flood.  It was dark and she couldn’t tell that the whole road was flooded until she saw two cars underwater. They ended up closing her office today because no one can get there because of flooding.

I have a little river/swimming pool in my front yard today.
111209 027

111209 028


If my yard looks like this, I can only imagine how the parking lot looks at my work.  That parking lot floods sometimes just because of a really high tide.  It’s flooded there so bad before that waitresses cars got ruined and they had to kanoe people to their cars.
Thankfully I don’t have work tonight but I’m worried about going in tomorrow if the flooding is still this bad 😦

Time for breakfast! I’m craving pancakes…

I’m going to do some of those workout videos today and then possibly get over to the gym for a run.


2 responses to “Day of shopping + swimming in the front yard?

  1. ahh… cinnabun is my weakness. I love them! I only get one when I go to the airport though because I do not know of any around this area. I hope your doing well with this crazy weather. It is horrible out there.

  2. you had a busy day indeed!

    You’re rapper face and look ma no hands face is cute!

    glad you had a fun day!

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