Peppers are actually yummy?

Woke up around 8 this morning to go running with my dad.
Distance: 5.14 miles
Duration: 48.51 minutes

Beat yesterday’s time!
Yesterday I ended up taking a bathroom break a little over halfway through. Thankfully, there is a lot of construction going on around my neighborhood because they’re putting in a park so there was a porta potty available to use.  I was super cranky today during my run.  My legs were super sore so I was not in the best mood. My time really helped my mood though!

Breakfast was vanilla activia & granola
111009 006
Super yummy!

There may have been some sailor like words uttered while I was trying to wash my hair this morning. Remember a few posts back where I was having a hard time taking that last bit of fake nail off my right thumb nail? Well now that spot is kind of torn up and the clear nail polish came off and today my hair kept getting caught on it. OUCH! Not pleasant.

I will be repainting them sometime tonight to protect it from my hair.

111009 007
Ribs & mac and cheese (picked around the bacon that is contaminating the mac and cheese) Ended up dipping most of the mac and cheese in A1 🙂

My dad and I were planning on going to the shooting range after class but we ended up canceling those plans because we didn’t have enough time. Oh well.

After class snack:
111009 011
One side of an arnold’s thin with peanut butter.
The thins are a little expired… and it tasted kind of funny. Still good though! lol

Cleaned my room and changed my sheets!
111009 014
Flannel winter time sheets! Yay! (I got my duvet out last week) I love winter by the way. I really wish it snowed every year here 😦

I watched the new gossip girl episode while I was cleaning my room and it was woooooonderful! Then I watched accidentally on purpose funny as always. Now I’m watching the big bang theory. This show is hilarious if you’ve never seen it. The schedule for tonight also has how i met your mother & 90210. 90210 is one of the only shows I watch while it’s actually on tv. I will be exercising while watching 90210. Does that make all the tv I watch help? Even a little?

Jon Alan came over before he had to leave for school tonight & we ordered pizza from dominos.  I decided to get thin crust to try and help make it a little healthier.  I also added red and green peppers as well as spinach.  I don’t usually like peppers very much so I told them to go light on those but they were actually weren’t that bad!
111009 016
My dad ate that first piece before I took the picture. I ate about 5 or 6 edge pieces.

I’m craving ice cream tonight. Possibly going to give in on that tonight.  There’s some vanilla breyers in the freezer that I may just have to dig into… with some strawberries! Yum yum!

I am really not feeling like doing my homework tonight. Ew. But I don’t really have a choice if I want to get a good grade.  Macroeconomics sucks though. Like seriously sucks. I do think that I did my quiz for tonight already though so that’ll help a little. My psychology homework is going to be super easy though thankfully.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up early early early freaking early for running.
Come home, shower & eat.
Leave around 7 to pick up Jordan and then meet my mom and Jessie to go off to D.C. for a day trip of shopping! Christmas shopping stresses me out because I always wait until the last minute so this will help out so much!

So working out what time I’m going to need to wake up… leave at 7, need 1/2 an hour to shower, 1/2 an hour to eat and get dressed, an hour to run.  Wake up at 5 am? FIVE? Gross. That’s better than not running at all though.

You all have a great evening and hopefully not spend it working on gross horrible homework!


Update: I’ve decided not to run tomorrow morning.  It’ll be way too early considering I’ll be busy driving 3 or so hours up to d.c. tomorrow and then shopping all day and then driving back.  Also, my dad will be flying to Ireland tomorrow so the longer he can sleep the better since his flight doesn’t take off from phili until the evening and then he’ll be flying like 7 hours. Being awake for that long and then having to be very focused in the middle of the night? Not good.
Make sure you all run a little extra for me tomorrow! 😉


7 responses to “Peppers are actually yummy?

  1. I love school if it’s classes I love and if not…man it’s a struggle!
    I hear ya!

    My nights are filled with chasing a toddler (who is cranky from teething) and trying to healthfully feed the men!

    (and me)

    5 am IS GROSS

    • well macroeconomics is HORRIBLE. I can’t stand it. It’s online and the teacher doesnt put up any of her own notes or anything and the books is confusing 😦

      Chasing a toddler must be a killer workout! lol. My boyfriend doesn’t eat healthy. Like ever.

      I know! so extremely gross! I’m tempted to not go but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t get out and go. I’d rather go tomorrow night when I get home but then I’d have to try and get the boyfriend to go with me since I already made plans to hang out with him when I get home.

  2. Ooo. Gimme that lunch! And the pizza for dessert. All of it.

  3. hope you have a good day today!!! I love changing out summer stuff for winter, too 🙂 especially big sweaters!

  4. Hey Sammi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    What is the ladies name that teachers in Midlo? I probably know her 🙂

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