Smart or stupid?

Going to Ihop for brunch? Smart!
We always get the mozza sticks as an appetizer because they are amaaaaazing.
110909 001
I had 2.5

Eggnog pancakes!!!
110909 003
I ate about 1.5 before making myself stop.  They were fluffy and delicious. Like a tasty cloud.

I ordered 2 scrambled eggs and a side of fruit but ended up getting hashbrowns with it.
110909 002
Not complaining though because hashbrowns are very yummy.  Only let myself eat a couple bites of the hashbrowns. Only ate about half the eggs.  Made sure to eat all the fruit though 🙂 (JonAlan took home my leftover eggs and hashbrowns) Ate the hashbrowns and eggs with chalula hot sauce of course! Chalula hot sauce is my favorite!

Eating until I was stuffed?  Stupid (but still yummy!)

110909 005
Jon Alan made me try the right part of that tomato. Ew. Wasn’t as bad as last time I had a tomato but it still wasn’t good. At all. He ate the other part of it. He hates them too when they’re alone.

A little segment on the cats that live at Jon Alan’s house:: (minus Bob, who always seems shy when I’m over… he looks just like Evil though… but as Jon Alan is telling me, Bob’s hair is super soft)

Playing with Evil? Smart
110909 007
This picture makes Evil look actually evil but I swear this is an extremely sweet cat!

Playing with Zorro?  Also smart!
110909 012
I hadn’t really ever played with Zorro before but he was sitting with me on the couch for a long time 🙂

Letting Jon Alan hold Tippy like this? Probably stupid but Tippy doesn’t care. She loves him so much he could do anything he wanted to her and she would still love him lol.
110909 015
Tippy is Jon Alan’s favorite cat out of all of the ones they have.
He just told me that his favorite cat is Roberta but that one is his mom’s so she doesn’t count in this group.

Letting LC (short for little cat) eat as much as she wants so she just keeps getting bigger and bigger? Stupid. but she’s happy so that’s all that matters.
110909 016
She used to be so small so I was in shock when I saw how much weight she had gained! Eek! That cat needs to go for a run!

Letting Roman get super skinny (can’t tell in this picture but he’s lost a ton of weight!)? Stupid
110909 021
Apparently he’s really old which is why he’s getting so skinny but it made me really sad when I noticed today.

Button mashing while playing a fighting video game today? Smart! I totally kicked butt!

Falling asleep for a while? Stupid. but it was nice at the time!

Eating a mini clif bar when I got home? Smart!
nom nom nom
110909 024

Asking my dad to pick up spinach at costco? Smart!
110909 022

Not making sure the bottom was screwed on tightly before starting the blender to make my green monster? STUPID!
110909 028

110909 026

Trying to eat ribs before I had to leave for class? Stupid.
110909 031
Ribs are not something you should try eating when you’re in a hurry.

Deciding to turn right out of the neighborhood instead of left? Stupid.
It’s kind of a hit or miss with that though.  What made it stupid today was the car going between 25 and 30 in a 35. Annoying.

Getting into the right lane and slowing down when the speed limit went from 60 to 45? Smart.
The car behind me was a state trooper.  I guess he wasn’t in a pulling people over mood though because he continued going 65 with everyone else.

On the way home I saw something very stupid. For some reason, there are a couple stop lights that people run all the time.  The left turn lane will turn green and people in the lanes going straight will just start going. I’ve seen this numerous times at these two particular stop lights.  Tonight, the left light turned green and the first car in the far right lane started going.  I tried honking to get the driver’s attention but I guess it didn’t work because the car kept going and then the car behind the first one went straight through it as well.

Eating a banana when I got to Jon Alan’s after class? Smart
110909 032

I’m finally caught up on my google reader!

Time to go hang out with Jon Alan 🙂 some more before I have to go home :(.


6 responses to “Smart or stupid?

  1. AH! Those cheesesticks look so good. I am seriously jealous! 🙂

  2. Coming over to visit Sammi’s blog…SMART

    Seeing my new friend get a HUGE bag of spinach…SMART!!!

    knowing that NOW I am going to have an egg nog pancake and hashbrown craving…DOI

    Hopefully I’ll live vicariously thru you!
    and button mashing is a GREAT weapon! I use it a lot! (when I play)

    I think I have Evil’s more Evil Sister at my house!
    Love your fun post chica poo

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to eat/drink all that spinach super fast! I don’t get nearly as many veggies as I should.

      They are amazing! I would gain like a zillion pounds of just pancakes if I let myself go to ihop as much as I want to!

      Aw! I love Evil so I’m sure I would love Evil’s sister! lol.

      Thank you! I’m trying to think of other fun posts I can do! (I’m not too creative but the blender accident kind of sparked the idea for this one!)

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it! It makes me happy to know someone else is reading it. That is so awesome that you run with your father. I’m sure you make his day everytime you both run together

    • Thank you so much for commenting back! Not very many people do! I love getting comments. I got so discouraged when I first started my blog because I rarely get comments but I try not to get upset about it! It is really nice to be able to run with parents but I’m sure you know that since your mom runs too! I just wish I had more chances to run with my mom. Our running day is Thursdays but that’s pretty much it since our schedules don’t match up very well!

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