bad blogger. tisk tisk.

Sorry for being MIA yesterday.

Started off yesterday with a
5.14 mile run
50.33 minutes

My time would have been a little better except I had some bathroom issues so I had to stop and walk a couple times.  (I know, gross, I can’t help it though!)  That’s always my downfall when it comes to my runs.  Not fun.
I’m still really happy with my time though.  I think that’s the fastest I’ve ran that course.

Yesterday, Lexi’s best friend was over! She’s Anne’s dog.  Unfortunately, the only picture I took of Anne was right when she was finishing her run and I doubt she’d want me putting that one up! I’ll have to take another picture next time she comes to visit.
This is Greta.
110809 001
Lexi and Greta are bffs!
110809 004
I was trying really hard to get them to look at the camera.
110809 005
It obviously wasn’t working.
110809 006
Then, they got into a picture that wouldn’t be good for either one of them if they were in politics.
110809 007
I swear they weren’t doing anything dirty.

Then it was breakfast time:
Munched on some kiwi while my dad cooked us all breakfast.
We have kiwi vines in our backyard and this is the first year that they have produced a lot of the delicious fruit.  Most of them aren’t ripe yet because apparently they don’t do that until after the weather gets really cold.
110809 008

Breakfast was oatmeal:
110809 011
It contained cinnamon & an apple from one of our apple trees:
110809 009
Then topped with some strawberries from the freezer.
110809 012

Greta often takes over the nice bed when she’s in town!
110809 013
Lexi doesn’t mind though.

Nothing interesting happened between breakfast and lunch.
Had about a tablespoon (& 1/2) of peanut butter with about double the amount of pita chips you see here
110809 014
I saw that my dad was making himself and Anne tuna melts & asked if I could have one if there was enough tuna.
Well. There ended up not being enough tuna but my dad still insisted on giving me one & made himself and peanut butter and jelly instead.  I felt really bad 😦
110809 015
It tasted wonderful though!
110809 016
I ate most of it and then gave him the rest because I got full.

Don’t worry, Lexi ended up getting the big bed a little later when Greta got up.
110809 017

Did some much needed cleaning in my room.  Which was basically just putting away clean clothes.
Then went off to work.

At work I ate:

A cup of prime rib chili.
One of the other waitresses and I had a conversation that went a little like this.
Her: That’s really good soup.
Me: Yeah, I like it a lot.
Her: It tastes like prime rib chili.
Me: Yeah, well that’s what it is.
Her: I know, but it tastes like it.

Whaaa??? I still have no idea what was going on there. Her mom is actually one of the cooks so I wonder if she knows something I don’t know….

Then later on I ate a mini chocolate brownie clif bar. It was yummy as always.

Ran 5.14 miles this morning
49.36 minutes!


Out of blogging time right now though.
JonAlan is taking me to one of my FAVORITE places to eat!
Any guesses?

I’ll be letting you guys know all about it in my next post as well as giving you details on my run this morning and I’m going to write about this wonderful table I had last night!


3 responses to “bad blogger. tisk tisk.

  1. Ugh, I get the same problem when I run, too. It’ll be like, I’m running along, doo do dooo, and then suddenly, I’m like, oh crap! (literally) and it feels like if I don’t stop and walk RIGHT NOW, something… bad will happen. Yeah. Hate that feeling.

    Also, your dogs are TOO CUTE!

  2. Lexi and Greta are adorable together! 🙂

  3. aiyah. i just read some weird stuff. moderating persimmon consumption.

    hopefully the health issues have to do with hachiya persimmons…

    i don’t knwo why i get up early. i just wake up at that time…to pee. =D
    baseball is boring. BORING.
    poptarts are bomb. i used to burn my mouth on them all the time. not this time tho.

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