Working the core

So I haven’t been doing ab work in a while which means, I did some today 🙂

Sit ups: 25 x 2
Crunches: 25 x 2
The “u”: 25 seconds x 2

The “u” is an exercise Angela posted about a while back and honestly, I couldn’t find that post again!
Prone Plank: 25 seconds
(This one didn’t seem to do much so I didn’t do it more than once.)
Side Crunch: 8 each side x 2
[Source for side crunch]

I need to do more before I go to work but I got hungry so I took a break for lunch.

Going back though…
At work last night:
I ate a cup of beef vegetable soup
Then later in the night I let my eyes get the best of me and ordered a new dish we put on the bar menu MAC & CHEESE! (Unfortunately, the menu doesn’t mention bacon; however, the cooks are apparently misinformed because they put bacon in it. Ew. I’m not a fan of bacon.)
I only ate about a cup of it last night before I got stuffed.

Angela also brought in peanut butter cookies last night so I ate a couple of those. & apparently I was using the “if it’s not pictured, then it didn’t count for food intake” method on these.

I ate waaaaaay too much at work last night. Must keep that under control.


110709 002

Egg in a basket x 2

Some of the mac and cheese from last night. I tried to pick out the bacon.
110709 006
& used A1 for dipping. Call me weird, but I absolutely LOVE mac and cheese with A1 sauce! So good!
110709 005
Then… I was still hungry so I got out some Peanut Butter and Pita Chips.
110709 007
110709 011
For some reason I was worried I wouldn’t like these but I did! Ate about 7 of the chips.  2 tbsps of the peanut butter which somehow did not get pictured. Oops!
The peanut butter was actually scooped out using a tbsp measuring cup but then I ended up scooping out about half a tbsp worth again… and then since no one was looking I may have scooped some more out with my finger… Totaling about 2 tbsps. lol.
Then I ate about three cashews which I didn’t take a picture of.

Now… I’m not hungry but I still want food 😦 so I’m making myself stay out of the kitchen until it’s almost time to leave for work.  I hate when my appetite gets like that!


A few times while writing this I had to close my eyes for about a minute because my eyes have really bad issues with allergies and they’re watering like crazy and burning right now!  This is the first time I’ve had this problem since the doctor put me on a different contact solution so I’m really bummed that it’s happening again.

Do you have problems with allergies?

I’m always interested in hearing different ab exercises, what’s your favorite?


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