Tonight was a good night

Before I went to work I tried out two ab videos:
10 minute ab workout

& Incredible abs

My section tonight was in the bar which is normally a bad thing; however, there were so many big parties tonight they had the bar non smoking except for the booths (which actually, they may have been non smoking as well up until the end of the night which I will get to in a second.)

It ended up being super busy & people were leaving beautiful tips tonight!
Total: $200 after tipping out the busser and bartender! I’ve had over 200 before tipping out before but this is the first night that I was still in that high of a number after tipping out.

Lovely night!

The bad news: The people in the  booth right next to the computer were smoking at the end of the night and it seemed like it was drifting over to the computer and just floating there.  My nose is burning like I’ve been sniffing pepper all night. Not pleasant.
The good news: Starting December 1st, no more smoking at the restaurant at all! I can’t wait until I can walk into the bar knowing that I’m not going to suffocate in a puff of cigarette smoke.  This is one law that I’m very happy about!

More good news: My dad is home from Ireland which means… I’ll be running tomorrow outside! Yay!

Tonight’s eats:
Before work I ate the rest of my buddhist delight
110709 012
Then at work I ate a chocolate chip mini clif bar & then about 1/2 a cup of our cream of potato and onion soup (+ probably too much bread for dipping in the soup.)

I’ll be going to sleep very happy tonight!



4 responses to “Tonight was a good night

  1. Yah for non smoking! Sweetie I couldn’t even imagine. I am alergic to cigarette smoke would probably kill me!

    I am so happy for you!

    yah for a visit from you Dad! That would make me happy too!
    nice tips too!

    yup I agree! good night indeed!

    • Eek! that wouldn’t be good. One of the other waitresses has a lot of problems with cigarette smoke (but then again she says she used to smoke so I don’t even know)

      I actually live with my dad so it isn’t really a visit lol. He’s an airline pilot so he’s gone a lot.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I am excited about the smoking law going into effect in December as well. No more smoky hair after going out!!

  3. those dogs are so precious!! I love dogs I have a choc. lab and a white boxer

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