For the past 2 hours & 45 minutes I’ve been watching tv and trying to get my fake nails off.
110609 008
Only one piece is left
110609 012
and I’m tempted to just put a bandaid on it (so no one will notice that it’s still there) and give up.  It hurts so bad I’m surprised I’m not crying.  None of the other pieces hurt nearly this bad!

Next time I want to get fake nails, remind me of this moment.  Also, remind me of how crappy my nails look right now! Gross! Plus, I have work at 5:30 so I don’t really have time to paint over them to make them look a little better.  Oh well.

Onto a better subject:


110609 004
I used the recipe that Maria posted (minus the alterations she made) that comes from here and they were oh so yummy!

110609 005

Tons of leftovers that I was able to freeze!

110609 006

I ate two w/ some pecan syrup for dipping.

110609 007

I went back for another one!

I’m about to officially give up on this nail, go downstairs to eat some of my buddhist delight and then get ready for work.


Update:  Right after I published this, I got it off! yay! It’s super thin right there though! Ouch!!!!


4 responses to “Ouch!

  1. Good luck with that nail. That’s why I stick with my own nails… it hurts so bad to take them off!

    Glad the pancakes worked for you. I think it’s one of the best recipes I’ve found so far. Tina, from Carrots N Cake, has a good-looking recipe I want to try soon, but it required regular oatmeal that I didn’t have before yesterday.

  2. OH, so glad it came off. I don’t get fake nails too for THAT reason. When I got married was the last time..(so that’s been almost 7 years)

    can’t stand the chemicals!

    I just wanted to stop on by and say HI and take a peek at your blog!

    I am new to running too and I just learned that my childhood asthma is still lurking deep in my lungs somewhere…so it’s been interesting.

    it’s nice to meet you and I’ll come by soon!

    • I’ve only gotten them done three times i believe. I have no idea how people have them on constantly! I don’t know what would be left when they finally stop!

      Well thank you for stopping by!

      My boyfriend has exercise induced asthma so he has to carry his inhaler whenever he run 😦 It scares me! Hopefully it’ll get better the longer you stick with it!

      Nice to meet you too!

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