Chocolate = Yum!

110509 001

Yummy chocolate my dad brought back from his last trip to Germany!
110509 002

Not really sure what is in it.  The middle layer was some sort of jelly.  The bottom was a cake like texture and I don’t remember about the top one!

I had a burrito for lunch (and honestly, I forgot about this until I saw the picture…)
110509 003

For dinner I made:

110509 007


110509 008

Lexi likes to use the time I spend cooking to annoy me.
110509 004

I love taking pictures at the exact right moment where the picture turns out HILARIOUS!

110509 006

She looks super happy, but she was really huffing and puffing at me to play with her, feed her? probably both.

Since I couldn’t get her to go outside, I played with her for a few minutes while my food was still cooking.

110509 013

This picture does not even show you at all what it looked like in person. Dog hair EVERYWHERE.  That’s what happens when she decides to rub all over my work pants.

110509 009

I ignored the print that said “best with used within 5 days of opening”

110509 015

I decided to add some yumminess!

110509 016

American cheese of yumminess! Stir it up and ENJOY!

(The only reason I was able to enjoy it was because by the time my food was finally ready, she agreed to go outside)

110509 017

Not the best picture. oops.  I wanted some sweets when I got finished with my spaghetti!

Work last night was uneventful.

For breakfast I wanted some oatmeal but decided not to only eat carbs for breakfast so I made eggs in baskets instead.

110509 019

After I cleaned this up….

110509 020

Decided to add cheese to one of them because seeing Monica eat them with cheese made me curious.
It did make it a little more tasty but not noticeable enough for me to always eat it this way.

110509 022

The O.J. expired a couple days ago (oops!) so I decided to finish it off this morning.   still tasted fine to me!

110509 024

My hand looks kind of weird in this picture!

110509 025

Cake like mixture on the inside! Yum!


My mom doesn’t have time to go for our weekly run tonight so I’m going to hit up the gym instead.  Trying to decide when I’m going to go.  JonAlan has class tonight at that campus so I’m thinking about just going while he’s at school.  (tried to talk him into meeting me there after he gets out so we can work out together but he said no.  I think he’s going to be too busy with school work and stuff or something)

Goal for tonight:
5 miles on the treadmill.  Possibly some other exercises depending on if I can get on a treadmill right away or if I have to wait.

110509 026

This is where Lexi spends quite a bit of her time.

110509 028

Often laying down.


If you have a pet, where is his/her favorite spot?


4 responses to “Chocolate = Yum!

  1. Love the pics of Lexi today… so cute! My MinPin loves the sun like I do, so his favorite spot is behind the curtain on our sliding glass door. It makes him look like he’s hiding. 🙂 My weim’s favorite spot is apparently on MY bed (there’s a pic on my site today…)

    mmmm chocolate from Germany! AWESOME!

  2. 1. Those chocolates look delicious.
    2. Your fingernails are freaking awesome. Mine are all nubby and bitten and picked at >.<

  3. Oh and PS – I’ve added you to my blogroll =D

  4. my guinea pig used to (it died. =( ) love hanging next to the laundry basket when it was filled with clean laundry. she loved that smell!

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