5.5 Distance record!

Distance record for miles done at once! The splits look like this:

Started off on one treadmill and did
0.5 mile @ 10 min/mile
1 mile @ 9.13 min/mile
1 mile @ 8.49 min/mile
0.25 Walking
0.25 @ 10.00
1 mile @ 8.49
@ 17.08 (walking)
@ 9.13
@ 12.00

Total : 5.5 miles
Duration: 53.29 minutes
Average: 9.43 min/mile

110509 036

This was me after my run.  Ignore the gross flat sweaty hair.  Super excited means super happy face!

+++ I did 5 push ups when I got home. Yes only 5. Don’t laugh!

Post workout snack:

110509 040


110509 042

(an overload of cereal)

All stirred up

110509 043


Yummy! But I’m still really hungry!

Probably going to end up eating some more (not of that, ran out of cereal after that bowl)



5 responses to “5.5 Distance record!

  1. What an awesome run! That is fantastic!

    About the push ups – I am SO not laughing. I am even worse than you. I do, like, 2. No, I’m not kidding. In all seriousness, five is awesome. =D

    • Thank you! 🙂 it was the first time I had done push ups in a couple weeks so my arms were not happy about it! I wanted to do some more reps of it but that didn’t happen! Must force myself to do more today!

  2. Hey Sammi! That run looks like a blast. I love to mix it up like that. Might have to follow your lead today and do something similar!

    • It was super fun 🙂 It was the first time I had ever done intervals like that and it was really challenging for me not to let myself slow down!

  3. Great job on the run!
    I need to start doing some push-ups to for strength, I can only do 3!

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