MapMyRun’s got some problems

So I went over my route from yesterday again to see what was going on since I had the problem of it not giving me the right distance.  While I was doing it everything was going very well until I got past the 5 mile mark.  The five miles was about where it was supposed to be and then I clicked the next point and all of a sudden the five mile mark moved to a different spot!  Grrrrr.  Annoying.

After writing that paragraph, I tried one more time and finally got a distance I can work with.  Instead of starting at my house, I started at the point that begins the actual loop.  Then when I got back to that point, I pressed the loop button and the distance it said was 4.88.  To get from my actual starting point to the point I started on the map  is 0.15 miles and to get from the end point I used back to my actual stopping point is 0.11 (I start at the top of my driveway but end at the bottom of my driveway lol.)

In conclusion: the distance I am going to log when I do two loops around is 5.14 miles.

One loop around is 2.7 miles according to mapmyrun

For safety reasons, I’m not going to post the map of the run.

Has anyone else had a problem with this website changing it’s calculations and telling you the wrong distance?  Are there any other mapping sites that work better?


2 responses to “MapMyRun’s got some problems

  1. i’ve never had an issue with map my run when i used it. but then again, it did take me like 50 minutes to plan and map out a run. sheesh. dots moving around.

    WAH! you’re on the opposite side of the world! ahhah. i work out mostly by myself, but sometimes, i get in a lift with R and D- major powerhouses. i think i’m like their little sis.

  2. Hey! Just found your blog via Chasing the Now. It’s good to have some new reads on my list! Personally I use to track my runs. It’s very simple and clean. I love it. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions =)

    I, too, don’t post the routes that I run. I kind of wish I could – it’d be neat to see where I go. But I’m always concerned some crazy person will stalk me >.< Stranger things have happened!

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