2 in 1 day = not good the next day

My run was not good this morning.  ran 26.31 minutes around the loop. When I got to the 0.8 mi mark I was already at 8.05 which is even worse than yesterday! I have learned from this though, unless you want your run to be sucky the next morning, don’t overdo it.

Yesterday I ran about 7.2 or 7.3 miles all together.  That’s the most I’ve ever ran in one day and I think that not giving my muscles enough time to rest is why I was running a 10 minute pace today.  I kicked up my speed after that point though which actually makes me wonder what distance I actually ran.  If the beginning was 10 min/mi and then I went a little faster for the rest, then I obviously ran more than 2.6 miles… I really need to get a watch that tracks it 😦 they’re too expensive to ask for as a christmas present though so looks like I need to start saving up (I have enough right now to get one but I’d rather not spend that much money… I’m actually really good about saving my money!)

My dad kept going when I decided to stop so when I got home I got a big glass of water, microwaved a muffin and ate that with some butter while I waited.  Now I’m eating what my dad made when he got home:
110409 005

Scrambled eggs w/ cheddar & smoked gouda cheese
And a bowl of

110409 007


110409 010


110409 003

110409 004

apricot yogurt (from germany) w/ pumpkin granola (from costco)

110409 006

I thought he got the yogurt in amsterdam but apparently he went to munich instead lol.  Now I feel bad for not even knowing what country he was in… oops.  Today he leaves for Ireland and he’s not going to switch that trip because my grandma & her husband (leonard) are going with him.  They’re going to stay there while he comes back because his next trip is also to Ireland so they’ll just come back when he comes back the second time.

Well looks like it’s time to go work on homework now 😦


2 responses to “2 in 1 day = not good the next day

  1. haha glad to know you have the same feelings about those raisins…. =D
    i’ve never tried the pumpkin granola?! i saw it in costco, but since i still have so much stuff in my little “tray’s eating stuff” shelf, i will buy it LATERZ.

    hhahaah i’m working on the abs. workin on it! =D glad to know i’m doin okay on those! i want some cinnamon bun! =D

  2. hahhaa they’re pretty good right now, but i’m such a perfectionist. i actually am pretty pleased with abs right now.

    dude- if you were in cali with me, workout buddies FOREVER! =D

    cinnamon buns…..mom used to make the pillsbury kind. wow. that was so long ago!

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