5 miles? 5.7 miles?

My dad and I ran 2 loops around town which is our  normal route.  We usually count that as 5 miles total.  In order to get a more accurate distance for Pile on the Miles, I used MapMyRun.com.  It’s saying it was 5.71 miles total. WHAAAT? There’s no way that’s correct.  So I guess I’m going  to go through and do it again and see if it says something else lol.

Our run this morning wasn’t great.  55.14 minutes.
We started off at about a 10 minute pace.  I was still feeling it from my run last night so I decided to take it slow.  Well on the second loop I ended up having to stop and walk three times because my body decided during my run would be a great time to need to go to the bathroom. Does anyone else have this problem while running? My main reason for having to walk isn’t because I’m tired, nor is it because a certain part of my legs are giving me problems, it’s because of needing to go to the bathroom.  Extremely annoying!

Breakfast was good though!
My dad made eggs in baskets (is that the proper way to pluralize it? lol) I had one with pumpkin & nut muffin on the side

and also a cup of heaven roasted apple yogurt I mentioned yesterday.

All together:

I ended up not eating anything else after my post last night.  After I got off I decided I was way too tired so I went to sleep instead.

Tomorrow my sisters are turning 23! (they’re twins)
Which means, I need to figure out something to get them.  Jordan just texted me a few minutes ago saying “In case you haven’t gotten me anything for my birthday yet, carrie underwood’s new cd came out today!” Sooooo…. don’t tell her but that’s probably what I’ll be getting her lol.  I still have no idea what to get Jessie though.  Actuallllly, I just thought of something.  She can’t afford to pay for another month at the gym right now so maybe I’ll pay for a month for her birthday!

Well I’m in desperate need for a shower.

eeek.  I texted Jessie asking her how much a month costs for her and she said she thinks $60.  Yikes.  She said she’s not sure though since she hasn’t gotten one since she graduated from college (college students have a rate of $30 which is the category I’m under right now)  Hopefully it isn’t that much for her or else I’ll need to find something else to get her! Any ideas?

I’ll do some research later today to find out how much it would cost her.

I have my psychology class tonight.  She’s giving us a test so it won’t be a very long class.  I think I’m going to go to the gym afterwards.  This class is at the campus in town & our town is so small that the community college I go to is the same building at the town library AND the YMCA so I won’t even have to move my car (Though I may move it closer to the Y for safety reasons, it’ll be really dark and not located in the safest area) Since I already ran 5+ miles this morning and will be running the same distance tomorrow morning, I may not do the treadmills tonight and instead just do some swimming or arm exercises.

I hope you all have a great day!


2 responses to “5 miles? 5.7 miles?

  1. I don’t think mapmyrun is correct. It is off from what I calculated my normal run is. I like my calculations better. 🙂
    Get Jess a gift card for American Eagle.
    Your breakfast looked good. Eggs in a basket are tasty!!

    • Oh lol. well I still need to go over the route to double check and if it keeps telling me it’s 5.7 then I’m going to use 5.1 instead (dad thought it out and said it’s closest to around 5.1-5.2ish)
      I’ll let you know later what I got jessie 🙂
      It was a VERY yummy breakfast!

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