2 today

Went birthday shopping for my sisters with my dad today.

After picking up lunch:

Kid’s cheeseburger
With kid’s sized fries
And a kid’s size chocolate frosty.

  1. These are the moods I went through with the frosty:
  2. Shocked (wasn’t expecting this size!)
  3. Sad (wanted more)
  4. Happy (I was better off with this size, meaning: blessing in disguise)
  5. Sad (It was all gone and I wanted more… lol)

After picking up food we stopped at wachovia  so I could get rid of my $$$ and put it in a safe place 🙂

Then when we went straight where we normally turn I asked my dad where we were going and he responded

When we left we headed over to tj maxx

where I bought::
This yellow running shirt
110309 009
and then when I was standing in line, I saw a bunch of water containers so of course I used some control more money and bought this
110309 008

My dad bought some christmas bath towels & a hand towel for the downstairs bathroom and then when he came back to wait with me in line he saw a whale shaped can opener that looked like a left handed person could use it (unlike our current can opener) so he decided to get that for jessie as well… Because we only buy what we plan on buying what we randomly see in stores

Off to Kohl’s afterwards where I bought Jessie

And my dad bought her a classier looking watch (with pictures of frogs that flash up! lol)
He also bought jordan’s presents but for the risk of her seeing this, I’m not going to post those.
I then dropped off my dad at starbucks and I went to target to get jordan’s present from me.  while in there I realized they had a starbucks in target so we could have just gone together but whatever.

tall chai tea latte for me! so yummy! haven’t had one of these in forever.

Lexi was so excited to see me when we got home
110309 001
She actually picked up a toy which she doesn’t do very often since she has jaw problems (she had an accident this time last year and it hasn’t been the same since)
110309 002

110309 003

110309 005

Later on I ate a little pot roast, a little slice of potato and a few green beans (I walked in on my dad eating and he gave me some of his food :))
Then left for school which only last like 40 minutes.
Went home to grab my headphones because I brought all my stuff for the gym except my headphones (which I didn’t bring yesterday but decided I really wanted)

My gym session went like this:
Started off on the bike for 1 mile while I waited for a treadmill to open up. Thankfully it didn’t take long before they basically all emptied meaning I got to choose exactly which one I wanted.  I had been watching the travel channel while on the bike so I decided to get on a treadmill directly in front of that!  It was a show about a couple looking for a house which made me laugh which I loved.  Made my run even easier.

Eek! must watch out for glares when I take pictures… oops.
Duration: 19.20 minutes
Distance: 2.11 miles
Average pace: 9.13

Breaking it down is like this:
ran for a while at 9.05 min/mi then walked for .1 of a mile then back to running at 9.05 until the miles hit 2 and I upped it to a 8.34 pace for 0.1 and then the last 0.01 was from when I pressed stop and was slowing down until the treadmill finally stopped moving.

Short and sweet run.  I didn’t want to run too long tonight since I’m sure I’ll be getting a wake up from my dad tomorrow morning for a run.

Had a repeat of my post workout meal from yesterday:
110309 006

Microwaved cinnamon flavored oatmeal with half a cinnamon bun on top! Diiiiivine!

Now I’m watching kathy griffin on bravo (her stand up is hilarious!) & it’s time to me to look up others blogs!

Good night!


One response to “2 today

  1. hahha that oatmeal with cinnamon bun on top looks yummy!


    i have no significant other, so i dunno if it’s the glasses LOL. i wear contacts outside so people don’t really know until something gets in my eye. then i cry like a baby.
    ahhaha. sorry i made you hungry! i looked at your blog and now I”M hungry!

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