Roasted Apple Yogurt! oh yum!

I calculated my miles on and it said I ran 3.54 miles yesterday 🙂 not a bad start for the month.

For lunch I had my current favorite:
110209 001
Not enough soup to add saltines to the meal so it was just the sandwich and soup.

So we went by the Y yesterday and got the paperwork for getting a membership! It’s cheapest for us to get the family plan so that’s what we decided on rather than getting it individually.  I’ll be going tonight after accounting to turn in the paperwork and get in my first workout!  I’m really excited about being able to use the pool! I love swimming but I haven’t been able to in a while because it’s been too cold (last time I went swimming I had to cut my swim in half because I felt like my arms and legs were going to fall off.)  This means I get to try out my new swim cap too! it’s the first one I’ve ever had so I’m interested to see how it works out! I’ll probably look like an idiot but with the amount of hair I have (thick and covers over half my back), I’m willing to look like an idiot to save me from looking having my hair looking like Amy Winehouse’s hair when I get out.

Work eats:

A kid’s cheeseburger with fries and cheese sauce
A mini clif bar

and a little bit of our navy bean and ham soup.  (didn’t taste good enough to eat the whole cup)

Another muffin!
& then I attempted to make a fried egg, spinach & cheese arnold thin sandwich but then the yolk broke when I flipped it so I scrambled the egg for the sandwich instead
110209 002
Along with it I had a cup of yogurt that my dad brought back from amsterdam
Sorry for the blurry picture.  Roasted apple yogurt! AMAZING!

JonAlan is leaving today for South Carolina (for work) and will be back Wednesday night so sometime this afternoon I’ll be taking him to the airport.  Then I have accounting at 5:30 at the campus thirty minutes away and after that I’m planning on heading to the YMCA to turn in those papers and get in my first workout!  I’ll bring my bathing suit, goggles, swim cap & my running clothes, shoes and hopefully do a little of both + the elliptical because I’ve never even been on one and I’m really excited about trying out new workouts!


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