First gym experience

Went to subway with JonAlan for lunch.  I got a 6 inch italian herbs and cheese turkey breast & black forest ham sub with pepper jack, lettuce, oil & vinegar.  Wasn’t very good.  I’m so picky when it comes to deli meat.  Only ate half.  Then I ate some of these crackers:

they taste way too good! I ate about a cup of these

After lunch I took JonAlan to the airport 😦
Then after class I went to the gym!  The information we got yesterday wasn’t correct meaning we have to get separate memberships and it’s going to cost more than what we were originally told.

3.1 miles 28.27 minutes running
Then I went on another machine for a while but didn’t really like it.
0.4 miles of walking and then 0.3 miles of running.
9:00 minutes of the bike
1.2 miles 12:00 minutes running

Total miles: 5

Super hungry when I got home so I had microwaved cinnamon bun oatmeal and then added half a cinnamon bun ontop 🙂

Very good but I’m still hungry so I might have to eat something else 😦

My legs will probably be killing me tomorrow!

What’s your favorite workout at the gym?


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