Day 1 POTM 09

Today is the start of Pile on the Miles! I ran around the neighborhood a few times to get in a few miles.  I couldn’t use my normal route because I was running alone and I like to be safe when it comes to my running. My estimate is about 3.5 miles for this morning (time was 34.15) but it may have been a little more than that depending on my speed.  I’m going to map it out on later to get a better idea of the length.

Last night wasn’t as slow as expected which I was very grateful for 🙂 Apparently we were having a contest to see who could get the most email addresses for the restaurant’s mailing list… I didn’t find out about it until after my last table paid so it’s obvious to say that I didn’t win.  People had to ask me what my costume was.  I wasn’t expecting people to guess it though.  I served dinner to a duck and a dinosaur last night! V from V for Vendetta also came to dine at the restaurant last night and was served by Batwomen.  The soup was the same as it has been the past couple nights so I had another cup of that as well as another piece of the funfetti cake (she left it at the restaurant so she wouldn’t get “funfettied out” before her actual birthday).
I was craving ice cream when I got home so I improvised in order to get some greens in

Banana Green Monster “ice cream”
110109 001

Ate this small portion of it while I had a bigger cup of it in the freezer
110109 002

It was so good! I’ll have to freeze it longer next time because the frozen parts were amazing!


110109 004

While I was eating this, I heard music coming from another house.  Not even a house in my neighborhood though. It was so loud that I could hear it through my closed windows. I ended up calling the non-emergency police line to let them know about it so they could find the people and make them turn it down (I wouldn’t normally do something like this but it was ridiculous and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep if it was still that loud) She told me that they had gotten a lot of calls about it, couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and had a bunch of police driving around trying to determine the location.  I’m guessing they found it because I couldn’t hear it anymore when I finally went to sleep lol.  Still a little crazy though!

110109 005

For breakfast I had a glass of cereal with vanilla soymilk
110109 007

and then after that was finished I decided to make some muffins 🙂
Monica made really crave some pumpkin bread so instead of using her recipe, I decided to go the easy route and make some of the mix my dad bought at costco
110109 009

110109 010

It was enough to make eleven wonderful muffins!
After they were finished I left for my run and ate one when I got back.
I only buttered it a little though because the butter in the dish was really low and I forgot to take out another stick to soften earlier.  I love when I accidentally make myself eat healthier!

JonAlan and I are going to stop by the YMCA to look into getting memberships.  I’ve never worked out in a gym before and I’m really excited! lol.  This will allow me to get in more miles even when I don’t have anyone to run with (going around the neighborhood gets old fast since my neighborhood is small lol)
Then off to work at 3. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll eat a couple more muffins by the time I go to work! lol

I think these pumpkin muffins are my favorite right now.
What is your favorite type of muffin?


2 responses to “Day 1 POTM 09

  1. i think it’s a toss up between any bran muffin or poppyseed. carrrot too. =D

  2. I personally think banana muffins are the best! So good!

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