MIA yesterday & today’s plans


The camera deal:
I got a great camera for my graduation present from my dad back in june 2008 and lost it.  (actually I think it was stolen because I can’t figure out how I would have lost it but I’m really not sure) I have just been going without a camera since then but when I started this blog I started using an old camera that my boyfriend gave me when he got a new camera (he gave it to me before I got a camera for a present).  This camera isn’t great but I’m thankful to be able to use it.  The problem: batteries.  It uses AA batteries rather than a rechargable one and we don’t have any spares so I’m having to track down batteries to use until I actually go buy some.
I need to go buy a new digital camera though does anyone have any suggestions?

Yesterday was a very busy.  Jon Alan picked me up and we went to pay county taxes for our cars. Then we went to burger king for a quick lunch (I know, not very healthy but yummy!) We had a little time so we were going to eat inside.  I took over TWENTY MINUTES to get our food.  Rediculous.  We ended up having to leave and eat it in the car on the way to the doctor’s office.  Apparently when Jon Alan was standing up at the pick up spot waiting for our food, some lady came up saying she had to leave right then and they gave her my chicken sandwich so they had to make another one for me.  Not cool. I guess that’s what we get for eating so unhealthy.

No pictures of my sandwich but here’s Jon Alan’s
103109 005

His sandwich was huge and probably enough calories for all this week.  He also got chicken fries (as well as regular fries).  The boy can eat.  I do not understand how he still has a six pack even though he eats like this all the time and doesn’t really exercise.   NOT FAIR! lol

103109 006

The purpose of me going to the doctor with him was so I could drive home afterwards.  He was able to drive though so basically I went with him, sat in the waiting room for 3 hours watching the news, reading magazines, and then finally starting this book once they transferred me to the MRI waiting room.
103109 011

The book is so good though 🙂 It’s the second book from the “privilege” series which is a spin off series of the “private” books.  I’m a sucker for books about rich manipulative boarding school girls.  (this book also has a bunch of murder twists though lol)

I was pretty cranky by the time he got done with everything.  Sitting in the waiting room made me really tired and I ended up getting a headache.  (sorry for me being in such a cranky mood Jon Alan)

He dropped me off so I could get ready for work afterwards and I ate a burrito with cheese dip
103109 012

I told myself to take a picture before cutting it up but I have the memory of a goldfish so that didn’t happen.

103109 013
The cheese dip is so good with it!

At work I ate (not pictured) a cup of chicken, veggie and rice soup, mini chocolate chip clif bar, & two small pieces of cake (one was a smores type cake for one of the c0ok’s birthday and the other was a funfetti cake for a waitress’s birthday!)

I hung out with Jon Alan after work which explains why I didn’t post last night.
This morning I made a cup of peppermint tea from the sampler box I’ve had since last year

103109 015

Using a paris mug to go along with the “p” theme

103109 016

103109 017

For breakfast I choose something very healthy tasty

& then some yogurt when I realized I was still hungry



After reading Caitlin’s past few posts I decided that I really want a scrambled egg sandwich so that’s what is on the menu for lunch.
First though I’m going to take a shower so I can dry my hair and straighten it before work.  I decided that I’m going to dress up as an assassin for halloween! I’m going to wear all black with some boots and then I bought a little pink toy gun to complete the outfit! I’ll post pictures sometime before I leave for work!


3 responses to “MIA yesterday & today’s plans

  1. Are you a gossip girl fan? I’ve watched the first few episodes, and so far I like it… need to take the time to watch more, though.

    • Absolutely! I have purchased all of the books (and then I let people borrow them so there are quite a few missing from my collection :()The books have changed characters now because everyone went to college and the writer I guess decided to keep on with high school instead. The show is actually better than the books now though!I was worried I wasn’t going to like it because I was such a big fan of the books but the show is a lot different so it keeps my interest 🙂

  2. This is hilarious.

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