Halloween costume

103109 022

Changed my lunch idea to a fried egg sandwich with american chees and spinach on an arnold thin. First time I’ve ever tried spinach on a sandwich like this but it was so good!

103109 023

ate a little cup of the soup from the other night since I was still hungry.  I never told you guys what was in this:
Orzo, celery, carrots, spinach, tomatoes and vegetable broth.

103109 026

My assassin costume! yeah, it’s pretty boring and lame but whatever 🙂
103109 031

The highlight of my costume 🙂 I’m going to carry it around in my back pocket.
103109 033

This is my scary “I’m going to get you face”
Really scary right? lol

Well time to finish getting ready for work.


One response to “Halloween costume

  1. Yum. That sandwich looks tasty! I brought some Arnold wheat thins to make a sandwich at work today. Sliced cucumbers, alfa sprouts and a piece of blackened chicken.

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