5 mile morning run

Sorry I was too tired to post last night when I got home.  I decided to go to sleep instead lol.

My dad woke me up around 7 this morning for our run.  I thought about only going one loop around today (2.5 miles) but I knew I’d be mad at myself later if I did that.  When we were coming back towards the neighborhood after the 1st time around my dad’s sister called (she lives in orlando and calls him every morning that he’s home on her way to work) He ended up staying on the phone with her for about 1.5 miles. I swear it barely even sounds like he’s exercising at all when he talks on the phone while running lol.  Then again we were going my pace which is quite a bit slower than his! My legs started to feel really stiff when we were coming up the brick road hill the second time
102909 018
but I pushed through it and they eventually started feeling better again.

5 miles
53.40 minutes

It was about mid to upper 50s during our run and even though that sounds cold, I was burning up!

Made a green monster when I got home
1 tbsp flax seed
2 cups Spinach (raw)
1 frozen banana
1 cup vanilla soymilk
5 ice cubes
(all rough estimates except for the banana, I’m honestly not sure it was exactly 5 ice cubes lol. I’m tired…)
103009 001

It looked like ice cream when it first came out so I decided to pretend that’s what it was. I love me some ice cream!

103009 002

Decided to use the dublin mug today since it matches 🙂

Now it’s half gone and more like soup.  Soup is okay though. Not as good as ice cream but still good.

Time to finish start drinking this (spoon isn’t working too well anymore) and go back to sleep.
I have a really bad habit of going back to sleep after I go running.  I probably won’t wake up again until like 11 or so.

Plans for today:

  • Taking JonAlan to 2 doctors appointments
  • work tonight at 5:30

P.S. – Last night my mom and I tried to see who could “sit on the wall” longer. (you know, that squating position where your back is up against the wall)  She totally beat me 😦 I need to do that exercise more so I can try and beat her!

goodnight (or goodmorning for those who aren’t going back to sleep after reading this lol)


One response to “5 mile morning run

  1. 5 miles this morning after our 2.5 mile run last night!! That’s great Sammi! Next time you come over to run with me, bring me some of that ice cream. xoxxo Mom

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