Wrong number + redial = stupid.

A little venting for a second.

The house phone rang which is weird in general but I answered, said “hello” and after no response repeated myself again.  The girl on the other end said “hello, who’s this?” It irritates me so much when people call me and ask who I am so I said “who are you?”  When she didn’t respond again I asked, “who are you trying to reach?” her answer “kyle.”  There is no one here by that name so I told her she had the wrong number and she said “oh” and hung up.  I was thinking it must be some girl who was trying to reach her boyfriend, messed up with her dialing and was angry when she heard a girl answer the phone.  I got back to the other side of the room just to hear the phone ring again.  After hearing her voice again I told her that she had the wrong number again. Two seconds later she called back.  This time my dad answered at the same time I did and we both told her that she keeps dialing the wrong number.  She hung up and recalled (for the FOURTH call now) & he asked her who she was trying to reach to which she responded “maggie” (I was like whaaaa? lol) so he asked her what the phone number was that she was trying to call.  She didn’t seem too bright but she said “maggie” again.. (not a number…) so he said “yes, but what is the phone number” she still didn’t want to tell him so he said “look, I know my phone number so if you tell me what number you are trying to dial, I can tell you where you are going wrong.” she had the last two digits mixed up.  Hopefully she is on the phone with kyle or maggie(?) and ann0ying him/her now.

Lesson: When you dial the wrong number, do not dial that same number over and over again or press redial over and over thinking someone different is going to be at the end of the line.

Pool winterizing:

102909 046


102909 050

Won’t bore you with any inbetween pictures.

Then I had lunch 🙂

102909 051

Had this very yummy cookie to begin with.  My dad got these from a foreign country (i’d have to check with him on which one) and they are soooo good! soft cookie bottom, raspberry filling and chocolate top coat.

102909 054
Repeat of yesterday’s meal (minus the yucky, of course)
102909 055

tearing the grilled cheese apart and soaking it in the tomato soup is a must!

Then I went to go get my new glasses! (they came in so fast!)

102909 056

102909 057

Then I left to meet my mom for our run and almost got in an accident on the way when some guy started to drift into my lane.  I honked and he just kept getting further and further over the line.  I ended up having to lay on my horn and slam on the brakes until he got back over.  Finger jesters on my part may or may not have been used. My heart was beating as if I had just finished a 10k or something (That’s a distance I’m not really ready for yet lol)

We ran 2.5 miles in 23.32 minutes today.

She gave me some yummy soup which I’ll tell you all more about later. & You bet I ate it all!

Plus some bread that she used to always make and I have been missing so much! It’s the best bread I’ve ever had!


Time to go over to JonAlan’s now.  I’ll probably post again when I get home 🙂


2 responses to “Wrong number + redial = stupid.

  1. OMG – I hate stupid people!!!

    I had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner tonight 🙂

    • I know right! I always try to be really nice to people who have the wrong number but it was just ridiculous.
      I could eat tomato soup & grilled cheese for every meal. Not even joking. It’s amazing 🙂

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