Recovery walk

Feeling a little better today.  My dad came in my room around 8:30 to wake me up to go running.  I decided to take Lexi for a walk let Lexi walk me instead though since my throat is still a little swollen 😦 Going for a run with my mom tonight though! Really excited for that!

She likes to be in control.  Which explains the correction above.
102909 001

My dad ran out ahead of us for his two loops around

102909 004

102909 006

She finally let go of the leash before we even got out of the neighborhood but only so she could start smelling stuff instead

102909 009

I decided to let her for a little bit so I could take some pictures before yanking her away from the grass

102909 010

Here are some of the pig prints that the runners for our town’s annual 5k follow
(that race was the first one I ever did!)

102909 015

The pig prints stay there all year round which probably really confuses some tourists.  I believe they do paint over them when the race is approaching though so they’re nice and fresh for the race!

102909 016

This water gets high enough to flood the street when weather is really bad.  Not fun having to turn around and go a longer route when that happens 😦

decided to take a picture to show you one of our very few stop lights lol.  (we seriously don’t have that many in town.  especially not the downtown area)

102909 020

After about 20 minutes we finally made it to the one mile mark (not pictured because it’s not that special!)

102909 026

I’m usually not crazy about the way flowers smell but those roses had such a great aroma! They mark the end of the downtown area that we use for our loop which means this is around the area I usually stop and wait for my dad when he does an additional loop before mine. (He leaves 19 minutes before me and catches up to me somewhere around these flowers and we run near this wooded area back to the neighborhood (I don’t like going there alone because I get scared!)

102909 030

Lexi & I turned around shortly after the last picture and saw my dad coming up! Lexi got super excited but he ran right past us to finish his second loop.

102909 034
See, the wooded area is really pretty once you stop focusing on the creepy factor! (there’s also some apartments and such that add to the fear)

102909 036

102909 038

It took us about an hour to go around the 2.5 mile loop once. (which is longer than how long it takes me to go around twice!) but Lexi enjoyed it and I was happy to be able to take pictures!

102909 041

I really need to get Lexi to exercise some more.  she was exhausted after only walking 2.5 miles! Not good.

102909 045

Made some breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with asparagus and cheese & one side of an arnold’s thin with peanut butter and apple butter (I was so hungry that I ate half of the arnold’s thin w/ pb & ab while making the eggs.) Got stuffed before I finished so I ended up throwing out some of the scrambled eggs.

Today we are closing up the pool for the winter which means my dad is going to need help putting the cover over it.  He did buy me a lime green swim cap the other day in exchange for me helping though so I don’t really mind 🙂

For lunch I’m probably going to have a remake of yesterday’s lunch (WITHOUT the vanilla soymilk of course!)


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