Vanilla Tomato Soup = Disgusting

102809 008

Looks good right? WRONG!

That tomato soup was so gross. Note to self: Do not use  vanilla soymilk when making tomato soup.
I ended up throwing out most of it & didn’t save the leftovers 😦
Good news! The grilled cheese was amazing! (Though anything probably would be compared to that soup)

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Cleaned my room a little but as usual, it’s still a disaster.  I’ll need to clean some more before  I leave for work.

Right now I’m sitting in bed, catching up on house and eating some…
102809 010

Yes, that is a stuffed animal in the backround. Yesd, I have a habit of sleeping with most night (not always though)

Vanilla is my favorite flavor when it comes to activia (not tomato soup though… lol) but I had vanilla last time so I’m trying to mix it up a little.

Hopefully I’ll make lots of $$$ at work tonight.  I believe I saw a large party scheduled to come in tonight so there’s a chance it won’t be a complete waste of a night 🙂

Time to do some exercises and clean my room some more before work!
See you later!


2 responses to “Vanilla Tomato Soup = Disgusting

  1. That’s way too bad about your soup. Yeah, I can’t imagine vanilla soy milk would give it a very good kick. Maybe next time you can try something different. I love tomato soup!

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