totally not my fault

JonAlan is sick now.  Apparently it is “my” fault.  He said something about having a fever though which I don’t think I did so that means it totally wasn’t my fault! (yeah… lets just pretend that is the case…)
Well at least I’m still sick so he can’t get too mad!

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Before I went to work I ate one side of a arnold thin with peanut butter and apple butter on top. When we are slow at work it’s really hard not to pig out so I try not to eat too much before I go in.

At work I got a plate of mashed potatoes & some veggies sauteed in garlic butter

It was yummy and filling enough where I didn’t eat all of it.  I threw away about a 1/4 of it

+ with my discount it was super cheap which is nice on nights I don’t make very much 🙂

Time to go to sleep and try to heal my throat with rest.

I sneezed at work and it made my throat hurt more than it already did. Not fun.

Goodnight everyone!


5 responses to “totally not my fault

  1. Sick boys can be a pain. My husband is pretty good about not being too much trouble, but I like to take care of him when he’s feeling under the weather. Maybe some cocoa might cheer him up?

    • He’s not really a pain when he’s sick other than when he’s blaming me for his sickness lol. (I think I blame him too when I get sick, just joking around though) I like taking care of my boyfriend when he’s sick too 🙂 The only problem is we don’t really live together so it’s kind of hard to do stuff for him but I do usually pick him up some soup, medicine, etc. Cocoa probably would help! (Especially if he can add some alcohol to it lol)

  2. Poodle…I hope you are feel better this morning. Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon for our Thursday run.

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