Still Sick + pancake breakfast

Last night my teacher did end up letting me leave since I was sick; however, she said “I better not find out that you’re not really sick!” She’s crazy… like seriously, we all joke around about how crazy she is.  I offered to show here my throat but she said no lol.

I came home and worked on some homework but then I started feeling like I was going to be physically sick so I went to sleep.

Felt a little better when I woke up this morning but that didn’t last too long.  Food always makes me feel better though so to the kitchen I went.

102809 002
About a month ago I made myself some of Angela‘s Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Coco Swirl Pancakes and froze the leftovers. The swirl wasn’t working too well for me though so I used regular chocolate chips in some of them instead.  So I decided to have some of those for breakfast.  They were soft enough not to hurt my throat 🙂
102809 001
Buttered those up and drizzled on some of this:
102809 004

Very yummy!
Before coming upstairs to shower, I heated up some water so I could make tea
102809 006
While I was taking ^^ that picture, my dad told me I’m going a little overboard with this whole blogging thing… he just doesn’t understand lol.

102809 007
My dad gets a starbucks mug from every place he visits (as long as they have a starbucks there) so this morning I decided to use the mug from a place that I have been! Lisboa, Portugal!
By the time I got out of the shower, the tea was almost to a temperature that I could actually handle which is exactly what I was going for. Now I’m just working on finishing the tea before it cools down too much that I have to go reheat it.

Thankfully it was raining around the time I usually go for a run so I didn’t feel as bad about missing my run today (due to my throat.) I have a run scheduled with my mom tomorrow night which I’m not going to cancel unless I’m huddled over the toilet puking, which thankfully doesn’t look like is going to happen. Best case senerio, I’ll be feeling good enough to go for a run with my dad in the morning and that way I’ll be able to get in two runs tomorrow!

Time to go catch up on some other blogs I haven’t read yet and finish my tea 🙂

Stay tuned for tomato soup & grilled cheese for lunch! (I have vanilla soymilk in the fridge so hopefully that’ll be good to cook into the tomato soup!)


2 responses to “Still Sick + pancake breakfast

  1. Those pancakes with the roasted pecan syrup looks very tasty!

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