Saw VI & a day of errands

He let me pick the movie! So of course I decided to see something that would make me want to cover my eyes the whole time (which I didn’t but it was one of those “It is so horrible you can’t stop watching”)
It was around lunch time when we got there so we each got one of these

102609 007102609 009

not the healthiest but it tasted so good.  I ate 3/4 of mine.
The movie was just like the others but it explained so much from the past movies so I really liked it 🙂 JonAlan said that this one was his favorite of the six movies.

My right tonsil is really sore and swollen right now 😦 I’m sure no one wants to see a picture of that. I hope it gets better soon since I’m doing Pile on the Miles 09 which Caitlin posted about earlier today starting November 1st and I’d rather not be sick during that.

For breakfast my dad made scrambled eggs with canadian bacon & pepper jack cheese
102709 001
Last night I also discovered a bump on my eyelid that I was guessing was a stye.  I had an eye doctor appointment today to get a new pair of glasses and she told me it’s not quite a stye but getting there.  Tonight I’ll be putting some warm compresses on it to try and get it to go away.  I always hate the eye doctor so much.  The stupid puff of air thing never works and ends up just shooting my eyelid instead because my eyes go crazy and blink about a million times a second.  She gave up after one try so thankfully I didn’t have to sit there forever.

I’m really excited for my new pair of glasses! You guys will have to wait until I get them in before you can see them though 🙂 They have a purple/magenta tent to them and magenta & green flowers on the sides.  I usually wear contacts but when I do wear my glasses I’ve been stuck wearing ones I got about 7 years ago so it doesn’t help my sight very much.

Then we stopped by wendy’s for lunch
102709 002 102709 003

I obviously need to start following my dad’s example… his was the salad and chili and mine was the nuggets and fries… oh well.  At least I didn’t let myself get a frosty! (that counts for something right? right?)

My dad had to get his hair cut

102709 021 He has been getting his haircut at the same place since before I was born.  Back then that meant it was basically right across the street. Now it means that it’s an hour drive to get there lol.

so while he was doing that I went down the street to animal jungle

102709 004 102709 005

102709 008 102709 012

102709 025
Got this treat for lexi which she seemed to really enjoy.  I think it may have been a little too hard for her since she has problems with her jaw.

Her collar is kind of old and faded hunter orange (it was originally our old dog, webster’s so the collar is like 20 years old… about time for a new one) so I was super excited when I saw this!

102709 028 102709 029

Stopped by

102709 022

on our way home to mainly get more dog food but we also picked up a roasted chicken and some asparagus as well as a few other goodies (and razors)

102709 030102709 031

We also had some potatoes as you can see. (yes those are purple potatoes and no that is not from them being way old)
Expect to be seeing some asparagus involved in my breakfast for the next couple mornings though! I love asparagus in my omlettes

Time to go to class. The teacher’s scared of catching something though because her husband is about 80 so i’m hoping she’ll send me home with the notes rather than make me stay for the whole class.


One response to “Saw VI & a day of errands

  1. Sammi, I ran 4 miles yesterday but wasn’t able to run this morning because of the rain.:( Hopefully the rain will stop by the time I get off. Looking forward to running with you tomorrow!! xoxxo mom

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