10/17/09 race recap + night time fun

Just got a picture mail from my mom saying “Put this one on your blog” with the following picture:
race for the cure 09 2

Followed by another text saying “or this one”
race for the cure 09

So of course I put up both 🙂
These are the pictures we took (from a phone which explains the amazing quality) before the race for the cure 5k that we did on October 17th.  It was my second race and my mom and boyfriend’s first!  It was right on the boardwalk in virginia beach so it was freeeezing but of course I still felt really hot once I started running and that was with only wearing a t-shirt and some shorts that come to my knees (+ a sports bra but that’s kind of obvious.) I was so worried that I was going to be too cold because most of the other runners were wearing jackets or long sleeves but I followed my first instinct and left the jacket in the car.
By the way, I reached my goal. which was, of course, beating my boyfriend! he finished three seconds after I did. then again, he hadn’t been running since high school wrestling practice which was three years ago and he also has a little thing called asthma… but I still totally beat him! 🙂 came in at 27.49 which surprised the crap out of me since my first race time was 30.35

Last night Jon Alan showed me the best video ever

I have decided that I really want need a french bulldog 🙂

Something else we entertained ourselves with last night :

102509 016


102509 017

+ an unpictured lighter =

102509 022 & 102509 026

Which, as you can tell, is a really fun thing to watch 🙂 (especially after you’ve been drinking 99 bananas and oj shh don’t tell)

For breakfast this morning I made some oatmeal and defrosted some frozen strawberries for the topping

102609 002

but it was a little bland so I added some cereal

102609 004

it made such a big difference! SOOO much better!

By the way, I added a ton more cereal while I was eating

Time to go look up movie times now!

I left my purse at my mom’s when I went running with her the other day but our schedules don’t match up very well so she dropped it off at my nana’s which is only about ten minutes away from the movie theater 🙂 hopefully Jon Alan will let me pick the movie for today since we saw zombieland last time (which I ended up liking more than he did, but he picked it which means my turn. right?)

Accounting class tonight 😦 I do like accounting, I just hate sitting in class looking at powerpoints


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